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BraveKit is a private production company at the market of modern electronic design tools, associated with the usage of microcontrollers and embedded systems. The range of manufactured products includes: printed circuit boards (PCB's) for prototyping circuits, programmers for loading firmware into FLASH memory of microcontroller, debuggers and emulators for testing and in-circuit debugging of microcontrollers firmware.

BraveKit`s products are a high quality tool, an excellent foundation for a building of a modern, highly productive, efficient and profit-proved electronic devices. We offer a wide range of programmers and in-circuit JTAG debuggers for modern ARM, Cortex, AVR, PIC, and MSP430 microcontrollers. Development modules, debugging and prototyping boards with different sets of interfaces for various microcontroller types are also available. They can be used for the further electronic product development, or as a ready-made high-quality and reliable low-cost solution for various projects.

The popular product’s range is constantly increasing, mostly because of reasonable prices and product’s high quality. Thus, we can consider BraveKit`s programmers, debugging boards and modules as a high-quality design tools for a wide range of developers.

BraveKit - electronics for development

  • ARM Boards
  • Programmers PIC Microchip
  • ATMEL AVR programmers
  • Texas Instruments
  • Microchip PIC boards
  • ATMEL AVR boards
  • FTDI
  • Prototype boards
  • Sensors