1 layer SOIC, DIP prototype board with prototype area

Brand: Bravekit
Product Code: CR5-045
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This 2 layers prototype board can be can be used by developers who want to quickly start working with any  SOIC or DIP (DIL) integrated circuit.


  • High quality 1 layer prototype board with mask 
  • Two large SOIC placement. Each placement with 74 pins (37 pins each side) . Can be used for mounting 2-3 IC's in SO-14, SO-16, SO-20 or any other IC in SOIC case (for example MAX232, SN74HC244 or other). All pins of SOIC placement have pads for soldering any wire or connector (extension pads)
  • prototype area with 1mm diameter holes (12x19 holes grid). Standard grid 2.54mm (0.1") allow to mount any IC in DIP (DIL) case.
  • size 88x50mm (3.46x1.97 inch)

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