Colink JTAG adapter for CooCox IDE and Cortex-M0/M3 controllers

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Colink is a small ARM Cortex M3 JTAG hardware debugging probe. It directly supports CoIDE and CoFlash, and integrates seamlessly into IAR Embedded Workbench and Keil RealView MDK


  • Supports ARM Cortex-M3 devices which have JTAG port
  • High download speed
  • 20-pin connector support
  • target voltage range: 2V - 3.6V
  • No power supply required, powered through USB, also can power your board via JTAG cable with 3.3V 200mA
  • Plug-and-Play installation using standard Windows USB drivers
  • Integrates seamlessly into IAR Embedded Workbench and Keil RealView MDK


List of supported Devices




LPC1751   LPC1752   LPC1754   LPC1756   LPC1758   LPC1759
LPC1763   LPC1764   LPC1765   LPC1766   LPC1767   LPC1768   LPC1769


STM32F100C4, STM32F100C6, STM32F100C8, STM32F100CB,
STM32F100R4, STM32F100R6, STM32F100R8, STM32F100RB, STM32F100RC, STM32F100RD, STM32F100RE,
STM32F100V8, STM32F100VB, STM32F100VC, STM32F100VD, STM32F100VE,
STM32F100ZC, STM32F100ZD, STM32F100ZE,
STM32F101C4, STM32F101C6, STM32F101C8, STM32F101CB,
STM32F101R4, STM32F101R6, STM32F101R8, STM32F101RB, STM32F101RC, STM32F101RD, STM32F101RE, STM32F101RF,
STM32F101T4, STM32F101T6, STM32F101T8, STM32F101TB,
STM32F101V8, STM32F101VB, STM32F101VC, STM32F101VD, STM32F101VE, STM32F101VF, STM32F101VG,
STM32F101ZC, STM32F101ZD, STM32F101ZE,
STM32F102C4, STM32F102C6, STM32F102C8, STM32F102CB,
STM32F102R4, STM32F102R6, STM32F102R8, STM32F102RB,
STM32F103C4, STM32F103C6, STM32F103C8, STM32F103CB,
STM32F103R4, STM32F103R6, STM32F103R8, STM32F103RB, STM32F103RC, STM32F103RD, STM32F103RE, STM32F103RF, STM32F103RG,
STM32F103T4, STM32F103T6, STM32F103T8, STM32F103TB,
STM32F103V8, STM32F103VB, STM32F103VC, STM32F103VD, STM32F103VE, STM32F103VF, STM32F103VG,
STM32F103ZC, STM32F103ZD, STM32F103ZE, STM32F103ZF, STM32F103ZG,
STM32F105R8, STM32F105RB, STM32F105RC, STM32F105V8, STM32F105VB, STM32F105VC,
STM32F107RB, STM32F107RC, STM32F107VB, STM32F107VC


LM3S102   LM3S316   LM3S601   LM3S617   LM3S811   LM3S818
LM3S1958   LM3S1968
LM3S2110   LM3S2276   LM3S2776   LM3S2793   LM3S2965   LM3S2B93
LM3S3748   LM3S3W26
LM3S5749   LM3S5B91
LM3S6432   LM3S6537   LM3S6610   LM3S6911   LM3S6918   LM3S6965
LM3S8962   LM3S8971
LM3S9792   LM3S9B90   LM3S9B92   LM3S9B96   LM3S9L97




Links and examples


What included

  • Colink JTAG adapter
  • Standard 20-pins JTAG cable

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