DGS-1 signal generator: sine, square, triangular with FSK modulation and 0-5V voltage generator

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The signal generator DGS-1 is designed to generate signals of sine, square and triangular waves with different frequencies, and to generate DC voltage in the range of 0,1-4,5V In DGS-1 is based on AD9833 DDS (direct digital synthesis chip), and has a user-friendly interface controls and compact size.


  • Signal generation of sine, triangle or square wave in the frequency range 0-12.5 MHz (according to the documentation for DDS) with a step of 1 Hz frequency
  • Stability ± 100ppm
  • Built-in amplifier
  • The ability to select the source - directly or through an amplifier DDS
  • peak-to-peak voltage of signal which generated from the output of DDS is 0,038-0,65V
  • Peak-to-peak voltage of sinusoidal or triangular signal from the amplifier output is 0.1V-4, 6V. The upper peak of the generated signal can be reduced by adjusting the gain of the operational amplifier (by adjusting potentiometer)
  • voltage amplitude of the square wave signal from output of amplifier is 0.1 to 4, 6B, and does not depend from the gain of the amplifier.
  • Generation of FSK signals (FSK binary modulation) without breaking phase. Modulation can be performed by the internal modulation source (automatic modulation - duration of f1 and f2 is determined by parameters set by the user from the menu), and by external logic signal (external modulation) with the voltage level no more than 5V
  • The length of f1 and f2 in the automatic modulation can be from 5us to 10 seconds
  • The length of f1 and f2 in external modulation mode can be from 7mks and more
  • For frequencies above 5 MHz is recommended to use an external filter
  • Optional generation of DC voltage in the range of 0.1-4.5 V. Accuracy of the voltage is ±0,1V
  • Automatic calibration of the output DC voltage when the gain of the amplifier was changed
  • LCD display for setting and displaying the device parameters
  • Intuitive menu. All settings are saved when the power is turned off
  • 4 buttons for menu navigation and settings
  • Lighting controlled by the menu
  • Power supply from 5V mini USB connector, or +5..+9 V from an external power source
  • Dimensions 80x45mm (excluding connectors) or 110x45mm given the length of connectors




What included:

  • DGS-1 signal generator with LCD

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