MAX3232 converter RS232/UART,for installing into COM port connector of PC motherboard

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A feature of this module is the ability to work without an external power supply. To do this, you must set the DTR and RTS lines of COM port to "logic one" state, and short SMD jumper on the bottom side of the module (module is shipped with a shorted jumper). Now MAX3232 chip have 3.6V power supply. When using this feature is recommended to disconnect the external power supply from VCC of module

Attention! From the COM port is allowed only to supply the chip MAX3232, installed in the module. In any case, do not use this voltage for powering external devices. This could damage the PC serial port

How to connect power supply to module

Jumper position
How to powered module
Jumper not closed

Module must be powered from external 3-5V power supply

Jumper colsed

when DTR and RTS lines of COM port have "logic one" state (in this case on this lines presents +10..+12V), module powered from this lines with 3.6V voltage. RX and TX lines of module also have 3.6V level. Please remove any external supply from VCC pin of module


  • MAX3232 IC level converter
  • User accessible signals RX, TX
  • signals RX, TX and the power line GND, VCC are connected to the 4-pin connector (2.54mm pin-to-pin spacing)
  • standard connector to connect to COM port, you can use the module without adapters and cables
  • During manufacturing all the modules are tested for transmission / reception at 4800, 19200, 57600, 115200 speed individually for RX and TX lines. This ensures full functionality of the product
  • Small size of the board
  • High quality PCB with mask and labeling
  • 3-5V external power supply, or 3.6V powered from COM port lines RTS and DTR

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