Header board with CORTEX-M3 STM32F100xx microcontroller

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Header board STM32F100-HB is the perfect low cost solution to study new CORTEX-M3 microcontrollers from ST. The board uses a microcontroller STM32F100C4T6( or C6T6) CORTEX-M3, which has all the advantages of ARM architecture, but very low cost (about $ 1). This makes him a dangerous rival for the popular 8-bit MCU PIC and ATMEL, whose cost is much higher, but the functionality and performance is often much lower. The board uses the standard JTAG connector for an external programmer/debugger (J-link, Ulink, Colink, etc.), debugging is supported with JTAG or SWD. In addition, the board can be programmed via USART interface - this means that there is no need to buy an external programmer/debugger, if you just need to fill in the controller firmware and use the board as a ready device for your project.

Features of STM32F100xx

  •     24 MHz maximum frequency,1.25 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1) performance
  •     4 K SRAM, 16K Flash for STM32F100C4T6, or 32K Flash for STM32F100C6T6
  •     16-channel 12-bit ADC (1.2 us) with temperature sensor
  •     Two 12-bit DAC
  •     7-channel DMA
  •     I2C(SMBus/PMBus), 2х USART (Lin, IrDa, modem control), SPI (2 Mbit/sec), HDMI (CEC)
  •     37 GPIO (some 5V tolerant)
  •     Two watchdog timers IWDG and WWDG)
  •     6 timers
  •     Two internal 40 kHz and 8 МГц oscilators
  •     CRC calculation unit, 96-bit unique ID
  •     Sleep, Stop and Standby modes
  •     VBATsupply for RTC and backup registers
  •     LQFP48 package


Features of STM32F100-HB

  • installed STM32F100C4T6/STM32F100C6T6/STM32F100CBT6 in LQFP48 package (STM32F100C6T6 or STM32F100CBT6 can be installed as option)
  • HS quartz oscillator circuit 8MHz
  • RTC quartz oscillator circuit 32,768kHz
  • Power regulator 3.3V 750mA
  • Power supply LED (red)
  • User button
  • User LED (green)
  • Boot mode selectable (user Flash, system memory, SRAM) with jumpers Boot0 and Boot1
  • VDDA and VSSA analog power jumpers
  • VBAT jumper for connecting external battery power supply
  • Standard 20-pin JTAG connector (SWD interface also connected to this connector)
  • All ports of controller are connected to extension connectors EXT1, EXT2
  • standard 2,54 pin spacing allow to install board to any prototype area
  • high quality FR-4 PCB with green soldermask and white marking
  • small size 34mm x 41mm



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