SD card mod: add SD and microSD (TF) card to your project

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The module "SD CARD MOD" is designed for easy connection of memory card standard SD and TF (micro SD) with SPI interface to any device or the microcontroller (AVR, PIC, ARM, ARDUINO modules, etc.). The module already contains all the necessary components and has the ability to connect to both 5V boards, and to the boards with signal levels 3-3,3 V. Selecting of thesignal levesl made by jumpers CS_TF, CS_SD, MOSI, SCK on the module (closed state corresponds to the 5V connection). There is also an opportunity to determine if card in card slot (signal CDSD for an SD card slot, and the signal TFCD for microSD cards).
The module can be powered as from 5V, and from 3.3 V.


  • Standard SD card reader slot with "card detection" pin
  • Useful TF card slot with push-pull mechanism and with "card detection" pin
  • Both SD and TF (micro SD) card can works with SPI interface
  • Build-in voltage regulator 3.3V
  • Module can works with 3V-3.3V or with 5V board (selecting by jumpers on board of module)
  • High quality PCB with green mask and white silkscreen
  • All SPI pins, card detection pins and power supply pins on EXT1 connector
  • Small size 31x36mm



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