STM8S-DIP-LQFP48 module with STM8S105C6T6 controller and SWIM

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STM8S-DIP-LQFP48 is a miniature DIP module with a STM8S105C6T6 microcontroller in LQFP48 package. It is designed for applications where small size and simplicity are needed. This is the ideal solution to getting started with low cost and powerful 8-bit microcontroller STM8S. Module can be used as a finished unit in any development. The product is made in the DIP-40 form factor, allowing just set it in any DIP socket, or on a standard development/proto board. All ports of the microcontroller are connected to sockets (DIP pins). The board also have SWIM connector for an external programmer or debugger (fully compatible with STLINK/STLINKV2 programmer). In addition, the board uses a voltage regulator 3.3 V/750mA, which allows the module to be powered both from the external supply voltage 2,95-5,5 and from the regulator voltage 3.3 V. Selecting the supply voltage is performed by setting jumpers VIN / VRG.
STM8S microcontrollers have internal clock sources, but to achieve a frequency stability is possible to connect an external crystal. To do this, the board has a special footprint Q1, where the user can install any type of crystal HC49/HC49S. 15pF capacitors are already installed on the board.
Also at the bottom of the board is present GND pad - there can be soldered the ground wire (for example to connect an oscilloscope probe).


  • Small size 51х19mm (2x0.75 inch)
  • DIP40 form factor, pin-to-pin pitch 2.54mm (0.1 inch), distance between rows 15,24mm (0.6 inch)
  • All ports of microcontroller are connected to extension connectors
  • Installed STM8S105C6T6 in LQFP48 package, which have 32K FLASH, 2K RAM, 1024 bytes EEPROM, 38 GPIO’s including 16 high sink outputs, 4 timers, SPI, I2C, UART, Watchdog, window  Watchdog, 10-bit ADC
  • SWIM connector for programming and debugging with STLINK/STLINKV2 programmer
  • Voltage regulator 3.3V/750mA
  • Module can be powered as from external voltage 2.95-5.5V as from voltage regulator 3.3V
  • Jumper for selecting power supply input
  • Footprint for installing quartz crystal
  • GND pad for soldering GND wire and connecting oscilloscope probe



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