USB-ATmega32 development board with bootloader

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Evaluation board USB-ATMEGA32 designed to study the USB protocol and a simple USB-based devices with widely used microcontroller AVR ATMEGA32. USB protocol is implemented in software, which limits the speed of USB devices based on the USB-ATMEGA32 in the segment of low-speed, while minimizing the final cost of the product.

The board comes with a USB bootloader, that allows you to program installed on board ATMEGA32 via USB without special hardware programmer - this is a great budget solution for beginners.
Existing software library for microcontrollers AVR (V-USB libraries) make it possible to quickly design a new USB device, and the library libusb - program for the PC that controls the device
The board also has connectors for programming and debugging (JTAG, ISP) using an external programmer / debugger (AVR ISP, AVR JTAG ICE, etc.)
The possibility of further extension of the scheme provided a small prototyping area with power rails.


  • ATMEL ATMEGA32A controller with 32k FLASH, 2k SRAM, 1k EEPROM
  • USB interface. Allows you to program the board using bootloader without an external programmer
  • ISP interface for programming board with ISP programmer (AVR ISP)
  • JTAG interface for in-system debugging with JTAG debugger (AVR JTAG ICE etc.)
  • 22 I/O pins are connected to extension connector
  • Led connected to PB0, or to +5V (selected with JP1 jumper)
  • Prototype 11x8 holes (28x21mm) with 2,54mm grid and power supply bus
  • High quality PCB with green solder mask and white
  • size 68x31mm



  • Scheme of USB-ATMEGA32
  • Software for working with board. Included bootloader with source code, USBASP drivers and GUI AVR DUDE for programming board via USB. In ATMEGA32 installed next configuration of fuse bits: High 0x9A, Low 0xCF. For entering to bootloader mode pins 4 and 6 must be closed before power up of board (see photo below)
  • Hex files  of LED blinking (for testing of bootloader and working of board)

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