EXTRA-PIC v2.0 programmer for PIC controllers and 24C EEPROM

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With this programmer you can program wide range of PIC controllers in 8-pin, 14-pin, 18-pin, 20-pin, 28-pin, 40-pin DIP cases. Other PIC controllers (in SMT variants) are programmed via ICSP connector ( In Circuit Serial Programming). It is connected to PC via COM-port with any standard COM-port cable


  • SMT technology (bottom side)
  • It is functionally compatible with software of JDM programmers, but unlike them EXTRA-PIC own the much better circuit schem., so it works more stable and faster :
  • EXTRA-PIC V2.0 works with any COM-ports, as standard (+ /-12v; + /-10v) and with not standard COM-ports of some models notebooks (they COM-port lines having reduced voltage, down to + /-5v).
  • Does not overload COM-port of a computer and at correct operation does not represent danger to COM-port (as a usual JDM programmer).
  • Has a connector of ISP programming (ICSP - In Circuit Serial Programming).
  • Build-in DC/DC converter guarantied work in a wide range of power supply voltage (+4..+13V)
  • It is supported by widespread programs: IC-PROG, PonyProg , WinPic 800 and others JDM programs
  • Programmer is connected to COM-port of a computer, through a standard COM port cable (DB9M - DB9F).
  • Programmer need an external power supply in range from +4V up to +13V. Programmer has the built in protection against wrong polarity of a supply voltage
  • Button PWR ON/OFF
  • The LED, the showing status "PWR ON" (green)
  • The LED, showing presence of VPP (red)
  • 2 different connectors for external power supply
  • Built in step-up DC/DC the converter that allows to use a wide band supply voltage (+4V up to +13V)
  • +5V (VDD) voltage regulator (78L05).
  • 3 jumpers, allowing to choose VPP voltage (12.8V, 13.2V, 13.6V). By default recommended 12.8V
  • connector of an in-circuit programming (ICSP).
  • DIL sockets for programming microcontrollers in DIP8, DIP14, DIP18, DIP20, DIP28, DIP40 case (microcontrollers in other cases are connected through connector ICSP).
  • High quality PCB


List of supported devices

10F series:       PIC10F200    PIC10F202   PIC10F204   PIC10F206     

12F series:       PIC12F508   PIC12F509   PIC12F510   PIC12F629   PIC12F635   PIC12F675   PIC12F635   PIC12F683     

16F/C series:       PIC16F627   PIC16F627A   PIC16F628   PIC16F628A   PIC16F630   PIC16F636   PIC16F639   PIC16F648A   PIC16F676   PIC16F684   PIC16F685   PIC16F687   PIC16F688   PIC16F689   PIC16F690   PIC16F73   PIC16F74   PIC16F76   PIC16F77   PIC16F716   PIC16F737   PIC16F747   PIC16F767   PIC16F777   PIC16F83   PIC16F84   PIC16F84A   PIC16F87   PIC16F88   PIC16F818   PIC16F819   PIC16F870   PIC16F871   PIC16F872   PIC16F873   PIC16F873A   PIC16F874   PIC16F874A   PIC16F876   PIC16F876A   PIC16F877   PIC16F877A      PIC16C61   PIC16C62   PIC16C62A/B   PIC16C63   PIC16C63A   PIC16C64   PIC16C64A   PIC16C65   PIC16C65A/B   PIC16C66   PIC16C67   PIC16C620/A   PIC16C621/A   PIC16C622/A   PIC16CE623   PIC16CE624   PIC16CE625   PIC16C71   PIC16C72   PIC16C72A   PIC16C73   PIC16C73A/B   PIC16C74   PIC16C74A/B   PIC16C76   PIC16C77   PIC16C710   PIC16C711   PIC16C712   PIC16C716   PIC16C745   PIC16C765   PIC16C773   PIC16C774   PIC16C923   PIC16C924   PIC16C925   PIC16C926     

18F series:       PIC18F1220   PIC18F2220   PIC18F2320   PIC18F2331   PIC18F2410   PIC18F242-2439   PIC18F2420   PIC18F2431   PIC18F2455   PIC18F248   PIC18F2480   PIC18F2510   PIC18F2515   PIC18F252-2539   PIC18F2520   PIC18F2525   PIC18F2550   PIC18F258   PIC18F2580   PIC18F2585   PIC18F2610   PIC18F2620   PIC18F2680   PIC18F4220   PIC18F4320   PIC18F4331   PIC18F4410   PIC18F442-4439   PIC18F4420   PIC18F4431   PIC18F4455   PIC18F448   PIC18F4480   PIC18F4510   PIC18F4515   PIC18F452-4539   PIC18F4520   PIC18F4525   PIC18F4550   PIC18F458   PIC18F4580   PIC18F4585   PIC18F4610   PIC18F4620   PIC18F4680     

EEPROM 24C series:       24C01   24C02   24C04   24C08   24C16   24C32   24C64   24C128   24C256   24C512  


What included

  • EXTRA-PIC v2.0 programmer



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