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The ARM JTAG Wiggler is a parallel port JTAG programming adapter. The JTAG Wiggler connect to PC through parallel port and draws power for target board over the voltage range 2.7-5.5VDC. ARM JTAG Wiggler may be used with a variety of third party software tools and open source JTAG tools.

ARM JTAG Wiggler compatible with H-JTAG, Rowleys CrossWorks, IAR EWARM and GCC (OCD) for programming and on-chip debugging.


  • programming and debugging of ARM flash microcontrollers
  • uses ARM standard 2x10 pin JTAG connector
  • no need for external power supply, all power is taken from the target board
  • compatible with H-JTAG, Rowleys CrossWorks, IAR EWARM and GCC (OCD) software for programming, real time emulation, debugging, step by step program execution, breakpoints, memory dump
  • High-quality PCB with green mask
  • dimensions 50x50 mm (2x2") + 25 cm (8") cable


JTAG Cable pinout

  • PIN.1 (VTREF) Target voltage sense. Used to indicate the targets operating voltage to the debug tool. May be used to supply power to the debug tool.
  • PIN.3 (nTRST) JTAG TAP reset, this signal should be pulled up to Vcc in target board.
  • PIN4,6, 8, 10,12,14,16,18,20 Ground. The Gnd- Signal-Gnd-Signal strategy implemented on the 20-way connection scheme improves noise immunity on the target connect cable.
  • PIN.5 (TDI) JTAG serial data in, should be pulled up to Vcc on target board.
  • PIN.7 (TMS) JTAG TAP Mode Select, should be pulled up to Vcc on target board.
  • PIN.9 (TCK) JTAG clock.
  • PIN.11 (RTCK) JTAG retimed clock. Implemented on certain ASIC ARM implementations the host ASIC may need to synchronize external inputs (such as JTAG inputs) with its own internal clock.
  • PIN.13 (TDO) JTAG serial data out.
  • PIN.15 (nSRST) Target system reset.
  • PIN.17 (DBGRQ) Asynchronous debug request. DBGRQ allows an external signal to force the ARM core into debug mode, should be pull down to GND.
  • PIN.19 (DBGACK) Debug acknowledge. The ARM core acknowledges debug-mode in response to a DBGRQ input.





  • H-JTAG - freeware RDI151 server supports ARM-JTAG for every debugger/IDE which have RDI151 support
  • WinARM - easy to install open source GCC toolchain by Martin Thomas. Lots of examples for our LPC boards are included in the installation. Simple tutorial how to setup our ARM-JTAG you can find here.
  • openOCD open source debugger diplom project from Dominic Rath with target to replace OCDdeamon for debugging with Insight/GDB.
  • EWARM professional C compiler and debugger.There is free kickstart version which is with unlimited assembly language and 32K limit for C code from IAR Systems AB Sweden. Tested to work with H-JTAG RDI151 and our ARM-JTAG. The flash download to our LPC2138 board show about 30% slower flash programming than the expensive USB J-Link adapter from Segger. According to IAR Systems their EW-ARM is benchmark leader.
  • CrossWork for ARM IDE and debuger on top of GCC from Rowley Associates, this is the very first package to support smoothly Wiggler and ARM-JTAG.
  • OCDeamon toolchain and debugger from Macraigor Systems. Quite unstabile software, when it wants to work it works, when it doesnt want to work it doesnt. too dependand of computer CPU speed, parallel port settings etc. Macraigor is the original developer of Wiggler, but after the Wiggler clones flooded the internet they dont support quite this product.
  • GNUARM another GCC toolchain from Arius.
  • Do-it-yourself 3D printer with LPC-H2148 as controller, contain also instructions how to setup Eclipse and GCC as development environment
  • Building GCC for ARM tutorial
  • Building GCC for Cortex tutorial
  • Using OpenOCD tutorial


What included

  • Wiggler ARM JTAG adapter
  • 20-pin ribbon JTAG cable

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