STM32F10x-ETH-HB header board for STM32F107VCT6 with ETHERNET

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STM32F10x-ETH-HB header board this is ideal sollution for working with STM32F107VCT6 microcontroller. This microcontroller have powerfull periphery, and board allow you to use all this capabilities, because all pins of STM32F107VCT6 are connected to extension ports. Board have base components for starting to work: HS and RTC oscillators, filtering capasitors, extension ports, LAN8720A ETHERNET transceiver IC, and SWD (serial wire debug) connector for programming/debugging with STlink/V2, Jlink, Ulink, Colink, or any other debugger. You can use this board in any bareboard or prototype board.

As option, LAN8720A ETHERNET transceiver IC can be installed or not installed.


  • STM32F107VCT6 microcontroller. It have clock frequency up to 72MHz, 256K Flash, 64K SRAM, Ethernet controller, USB 2.0 (OTG, Host, Device), 80 port IN/OUT with up to 16 external interrup timers, 4x16 bit, 2х12 bit ADC (16 chanels), 2х12 bit DAC, 5 UART, RTC, 2 х I2C, 3 x SPI and 2 CAN controllers
  • 25Mhz quartz oscillator. This frequency value is optimal for various situations, and you can get any frequency value with internal PLL. Also board contain 32768Hz quartz oscillator for RTC.
  • Ethernet transceiver LAN8720A
  • With STM32 Cortex™-M3 and Cortex™-M4 microcontrollers you have the ability to select specific boot space (User flash memory, system memory or embedded SRAM), depending on the boot pins value (BT0, PB2). Boot pins are set to ground through 100K resistors. In order to set BT0 and PB2 pins to VCC , you must connect this pins to VCC on your bareboard The values on the BOOT pins are latched on the fourth rising edge of system clock after a reset.
  • SWD (serial wire debug) connector for programming/debugging with STlink/V2, Jlink, Ulink, Colink, or any other debugger
  • high quality PCB with green soldermask and white silkscreen
  • board have 104 pins with 2.54mm pin-to-pin spacing. This allow you to use board on any prototype or bareboard
  • dimensions 55х55mm



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