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This device allows you to extend the effect of presence when watching movies on your computer screen as well as in DirectX 9 games. The software analyzes the image on the monitor, and the LEDs display the same spot of color on the wall behind the monitor. The principle of operation is very similar to the work of Ambilight backlight TVs by Phillips

Lightpack effect

Lightpack Clone consists of a main-board, additional LEDs, firmware, which manages the hardware and software to capture a picture, which is installed on the PC. The program calculates the average color of the image displayed on the monitor for each area of ​​capture, which corresponds to one LED. After that, the color data sent via USB to the master card, which firmware, process them, make certain the LED light of a certain light. This process is repeated dozens of times per second.

The control program allows you to easily configure a zone for each LED light, or just set him a permanent color if you want to use lightpack for background illumination in the dark (it is well known that the work of the monitor in the dark is bad for the eyes due to a sharp transition from light to dark).

Original Lightpack video from Atarity on Youtube.


Iinstallation is very simple. Each LED is equipped with 50cm cable, connect to that "something is wrong" is simply impossible - this means that there is no risk of damage. LEDs are attached to the back of the monitor in any convenient way (glue, tape, etc.)

Leds on monitor

(photo from Lightpack project)


Below best variants of LED's placement on monitor
LEDs placement schem

(photo from Lightpack project)

In a similar way attached to the back of the monitor the mainboard. To it are connected all the cables from the LED and USB cable. Then you can move on to configuring the software on the PC.


(photo from Lightpack project)


  • Work with different LEDs number (from 1 to 10) on the diagonals till 36 inches
  • Color balance setting for each LED separately
  • Individual adjustable capture area for each LED
  • Overall average color for all areas calculation mode
  • Permanent backlight (lamp) mode
  • Capture from video (the most of sources)
  • Capture from games (GDI, DirectX)
  • Open API for external plugins and scripts
  • XBMC integration plugin
  • Works with LightFX integrated illumination from Alienware (beta)
  • Fast and simple firmware upgrade by USB
  • Convenient user profile parameters
  • Module structure for installation onto monitors and TVs with different diagonals
  • Crossplatform code (Windows, Linux and OS X)
  • Efficient operation on the diagonals from 10 to 36 inches
  • Operating distance is from 10 to 35 cm (the distance between LEDs and the surface where the light is projected to)


Limitations and further modifications:

Windows 7 (Aero interface)

When Aero interface in Windows 7 is switched on, the capture speed 3 times decreases in distinction with Basic interface. The capture and processing are slow enough. The effect is less on the powerful modern machines, but still it is.
The tardiness of DWM (Aero) annoys even Microsoft. They have already announced some variant of intermediate interface in their latest OS, that is easier to cooperate with and that will not load the CPU, as in Aero.


According to Windows task manager the capture software can spend up to 20 % of the CPU and take up to 20 MB of the physical memory. These values vary, of course, in the dependence of the capture settings, area sizes, OS and the power of your PC. However, we think we are able to increase the speed by changing capture and color calculation algorithms.

OpenGL games support

The most of modern games display the graphics to the screen by means of DirectX, or OpenGL which has already become a standard. Starting with the version 4.1.0 the software can capture colors from the most of games for Windows. However, the capture from the games that use OpenGL-render (for example, Quake 3, or Revenge of the Titans) is not available so far. We’re also working in this direction.


Despite the fact that the control software is compiled and run in OS X, we advise you to wait a little before using this device on this OS. We had a stable work and slow capture before the software version 5.5. With the release 5.5 we have speeded up the capture till the level of other OSs, but the program under Lion is unstable.


Content of package

  • Lightpack Clone mainboard
  • 10 boards with ultralight RGB leds
  • 10 cables for connecting LED-boards to mainboard. Lengh of each cable is 50cm (20 inches)



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