Programmers and debuggers - the necessary attributes to complete the work with microcontrollers from any manufacturer.
Programmers need to download the created firmware in the FLASH memory of the microcontroller, change the configuration bits, set the read protection, and for other similar operations. Very often, the “in-circuit programmer” term is used – this is a programmer connected to a programmable board with ISP cable and download FLASH memory into microcontroller, which already installed on the board.
Improved version of the programmer - this is in-circuit debugger. Debuggers can serve as the programmer, but also to stop the microcontroller at any step in the execution of the program, to perform a step by step execution of the program in the microcontroller is running. The debugger also allows you to monitor the status of all registers and variables during program execution.
BraveKit produces programmers and debuggers for microcontrollers known companies ATMEL (MCU AVR), ST (MCUs STM8S, STM8L, STM32 Microchip (MCU PIC) and Texas Instruments (MCUs MSP430), as well as universal device programmers for ARM/Cortex microcontrollers from different manufacturers.

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