ARM-USB-JTAG-TINY open source emulator OpenOCD

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This programmer - full analog of ARM-USB-TINY from OLIMEX. It is detected in Windows as OLIMEX ARM-USB-TINY. As additional function - programmer can supply your target board with 3V3/400mA


  • Can debug all ARM, supported bu OpenOCD
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • support ARM cores in voltage range 2..5V
  • Standard 2x10 pin JTAG connector
  • can supply your target board with 3V3/400mA
  • mode LED
  • OpenOCD software (open source)
  • CD with software ready for use: GCC C compiler, openOCD and Eclipse IDE.
  • Can works with IAR EW-ARM 5.50 or higher, Crossworks, Cocoox IDE
  • size 50x40 mm + 20 сm JTAG cable






What included:

  • ARM-USB-JTAG-TINY programmer
  • Standard 20-pins JTAG cable
  • CD with software

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