ARM JTAG ISOLATOR for Jlink and other debuggers

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ARM JTAG Isolator - a device designed to provide electrical isolation between the ARM JTAG debugger and a target board. ARM JTAG Isolator is designed to work with J-link programmer, but can also be used with other ARM JTAG programmer / debugger (Ulink, Colink etc.).

Attention! Only supported JTAG mode. SWD mode will not work.
Modern ARM microcontrollers are very often used in modules of power electronics and control systems (battery chargers, motor starters, drives, motor control applications, etc.). Typically, these devices are powered high voltage and can create powerful interference and noise. This places additional demands on the safety of the equipment. ARM JTAG Isolator is useful to protect the development tools from electrical spikes that often occur in this applications.
Another area of application - the development of products with sensors or other analog circuitry, in which case the target hardware is protected from electrical noise originating from the development PC


  • 1kV isolation
  • JTAG frequency up to 1 MHz
  • Power supply in range 2.7-5.5V for each side of device (both Emulator side and target board side).
  • PWR LEDs for each side
  • LED for RESET sygnal
  • Useful power supply - powered from emulator and target. Emulator side can be powered from USB cable with
  • JTAG standard 20-pin connection supporting TRST, TDI, TMS, TCK, RTCK, TDO, DBGRQ and RESET signals
  • Compatible with J-link, COLINK, ST-link, ARM USB TINY programmers, but probably can be used with other ARM prohrammers.


ARM JTAG Isolator is built on digital isolators from Analog Devices, and provides 1kV electrical isolation. Supply voltage in the range 2,7-5,5 V (with appropriate levels of JTAG interface signals), frequency up to 1 MHz JTAG signals.
For normal operation it must be supplied separately from the JTAG programmer side (EMULATOR), and from side of target board. The presence of power supply on each side displayed by LEDs "PWR". Connection diagrams of each supply are shown in the figures below

ARM JTAG Jlink Isolator - EMULATOR side schem

From EMULATOR side device can be powered via:

  • Connector JTAG (pins 1 and 2) - Power supply 2,7-5,5V
  • USB cable (miniUSB connector X1). In this case, the unit will operate at 3.3V voltage regulator from DA1. 3.3 V will be present at the terminals 1and 2 of connector XS1 (JTAG connector from the programmer)
  • In the case of using J-link programmer device can be powered from the J-link. To do this in the Jlink control panel you must set the following settings (see photo below). In this case, a 19 pin of JTAG connector is present 5V and «ARM JTAG Isolator» oin EMULATOR side will be powered with 3V3 through the stabilizer DA1. 3.3 V also will be present at the terminals 1 and 2 of connector XS1 (JTAG connector).

Jlink control panel settings


From TARGET BOARD side device must be powered via 1 or 2 pin of JTAG connector from target board

ARM JTAG Isolator- Target board side schem


What included:

  • ARM JTAG Isolator
  • Standard 20-pins JTAG cable

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