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"USB AVR mkII programmer" is low cost "AVRISP mkII" compatible in-system USB programmer for all 8-bit ATMEL AVR RISC microcontrollers and new ATxMega family. Programmer connects to the PC through standard USB port. Programmer take power from USB, that excludes necessity for the external power supply. Also programmer provides +3.3V/+5V 100mA output for your devices. Windows detect the device as a AVRISP mkII device. In additional, programmer have recovery clock source output for ISP programming of controllers with fuse bits configured for external clock. .

This AVR programmer is LUFA powered which is open source software that emulates AVRISP-MKII functionality, supporting the programming of the entire 8-bit AVR range via ISP as well as PDI (for the newer XMEGA AVRs) and TPI (for the new 6-pin TINY AVRs).

"USB AVR mkII programmer" is supported by AVR Studio 4, AVR Studio 5 and ATMEL Studio 6, and also other known compilers (CodevisionAVR, Image Craft and others) as AVRISP mkII.


  • Very high programming speed
  • High quality PCB with mask and inscriptions.
  • works with wide voltage range 1.8V..5V boards
  • Two ISP connectors: 10-pin connector and 6-pin connector (see photo)
  • AVR Studio compatible as AVRISP mkII. Works with AVR Studio 4, 5 and 6 versions
  • ISP programming interface supported
  • PDI programming interface supported
  • TPI programming interface supported
  • Programming interface to flash, eeprom, fuses and lockbits.
  • Output recovery clock
  • +3.3V/+5V 100mA power supply output (voltage selected by jumper) via VTARGET pin of connectors. The target chip can be powered from the programmer (+3.3V or +5v 100mA) or from the external power supply for target board. New xmega chips are not 5v tolerant, so for this chips please use +3.3V power supply from programmer or 3.3V external supply
  • RESET button
  • yellow LED for status of USB connection
  • red LED for status of action
  • Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • 100% compatible with "AVR DIP Programmer" for programming AVR controllers in DIP case
  • Size 55x32 mm.


List of supported devices

"USB AVR mkII programmer" is support all AVR/ATxMega/Attiny controllers. The AVR Studio online-help contains the most current information and a complete list of supported devices (See support or AVRISP mkII)

What included

  • "USB AVR mkII programmer"
  • ISP 10-pin cable


Latest firmware

You can upgrade firmware of your programmer - this firmware tested with "ATMEL Studio 6.2" and "ATMEL Studio 7.0.594"

  • latest firmware 181015 for working with ATMEL Studio 6.2 and ATMEL Studio 7. Need to install libusb driver

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