3..5V ATMEL AVR JTAG ICE programmer debugger + USB/UART

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The USB AVR JTAG ICE together with AVR Studio is a complete tool for programming and doing On-Chip Debugging on most useful AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers with JTAG interface.

A power undertakes directly from USB, that excludes necessity for the external power supply. Also JTAG ICE provides power supply +5V 350mA output for your devices. Windows defines the device as a virtual COM-port. One more pleasant feature is such most often the function necessary to developers as convertion interfaces USB in UART TTL - in fact in modern computers can be met all the COM-port less often, and RS232 the interface is still widely used. Certainly this feature will be demanded to developers at debugging the programs using UART the interface.  

The JTAG ICE uses the standard JTAG interface to enable the user to do programming and real time emulation of the microcontroller while it is running in the target system. The JTAGICE is supported by AVR Studio.


  • High quality PCB with green mask and white silkscreen. SMD technology
  • AVR Studio Compatible
  • Work with 3-5V target boards (Jumper 3.3V/5V available for choose working voltage)
  • Emulates all Digital and Analog On-Chip Functions
  • Complex Breakpoints Like Break on Change of Program Flow
  • Data and Program Memory Breakpoints
  • Programming interface to flash, eeprom, fuses and lockbits.
  • USB Interface to PC for Programming and Control  - it is very helpful for computer without RS232 port. After setup of USB drivers on yours PC it will be created virtual COM port. AVR studio accesses to it as  to usual COM port. Fully plug and play compatible (after driver installation).
  • Option of USB to UART converter (UART function enabled by “USB to UART converter” jumper). RX TX lines voltage can be 3.3V or 5V
  • AVR Studio firmware upgradeable, the Update-JTAG manual will allow the device update to most current firmware and support the device list on latest AVR studio development software
  • LED for “POWER”
  • LED for debugger Status “ DEBUG”
  • Compatible with Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / Vista64
  • Compact size – only 35x45mm


List of supported Devices

JTAG ICE supports most useful ATMEL microcontrollers with JTAG interface. Currently the JTAGICE supports the following devices (are most often applied by development engineers):

ATmega16(L),  ATmega162(L), ATmega169(L or V), ATmega32(L), ATmega323(L), ATmega64(L), ATmega128(L), AT90CAN128.

The list is updated as new versions are released. Please check official ATMEL site for the latest information.

What included

  • AVR JTAG ICE programmer/debugger
  • 10-pin ribbon cable
  • CD with latest AVR Studuo, drivers, documentation

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