PIC DIP Programmer - extension module to PICkit2, ICD 2, other

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Module «PIC DIP PROGRAMMER » is extension to widely known programmers PICkit2. Iit allows programming Microchip PIC microcontrollers and some types of EEPROM in DIL (DIP) case. Also «PIC DIP PROGRAMMER » can be used with wide range of PIC programmers (ICD2, PIC JDM and other) for programming PIC controllers.

The module is intended for the developers in which arrangements on a PCB there is no connector ICSP, does not remain free pins of the controller for connecting of the ICSP interface, or these pins cannot be used on what or other reason. The module supports all PIC10/12/16/18 microcontrollers in DIP case and EEPROM 11LC/24LC/25LC/93LC in DIP case (EEPROM only with PICkit2 as external programmer).

Pinout of ICSP connectors:

6-pin PICkit2 connector
1. VPP
2. VDD
3. GND
6. AUX (used with PICkit2 for programming EEPROM)

6-pin ICD2 connector (6P6C)
1. VPP (first pin have square pad)
2. VDD
3. GND
6. AUX (used with PICkit2 for programming EEPROM)

Power supply

Most programmers (PICkit2, ICD2) provide power supply for programmable device, so usually external power supply not needed. However, if necessary, external power supply can be connected to the appropriate connectors of "PIC DIP Programmer". Inputs are protected against reverse polarity. Voltage regulator +5 V 100mA installed in "PIC DIP Programmer", sopossible range of input voltages +5 .. +15 V.

List of supported devices

PIC controllers -with any external programmer: all PIC10, PIC12, PIC16, PIC18 controllers in DIP8, DIP14, DIP18, DIP20, DIP28N, DIP40

11LCxx EEPROM - only with PICkit2 (LITE, FULL): 11LC010 (AA), 11LC020 (AA), 11LC040 (AA), 11LC080 (AA), 11LC160 (AA)

24LCxx EEPROM - only with PICkit2 (LITE, FULL):

24LC00 (AA)(C, 24LC01B (AA), 24LC02B (AA), 24LC04B (AA), 24LC08B (AA), 24LC16B (AA), 24LC32A (AA), 24LC64 (AA)(FC), 24LC128 (AA)(FC), 24LC256 (AA)(FC), 24LC512 (AA)(FC), 24LC1025 (AA)(FC),

25LCxx EEPROM - only with PICkit2 (LITE, FULL):

25LC010A (AA), 25LC020A (AA), 25LC040A (AA), 25LC080A (AA), 25LC080B (AA), 25LC160A (AA), 25LC160B (AA), 25LC320A (AA), 25LC640A (AA), 25LC128 (AA), 25LC256 (AA), 25LC512 (AA), 25LC1024 (AA)

93LCxx EEPROM - only with PICkit2 (LITE, FULL): 93LC46A/B/C (AA)(-C), 93LC56A/B/C (AA)(-C), 93LC66A/B/C (AA)(-C), 93LC76A/B/C (AA)(-C), 93LC86A/B/C (AA)(-C)

What included:

  • "PIC DIP Programmer" module, assembled and tested


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