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The PICkit2 Lite is a low-cost development tool with an easy to use interface for programming and debugging Microchip’s Flash families of microcontrollers. The full featured Windows® programming interface supports baseline (PIC10F, PIC12F5xx, PIC16F5xx), midrange (PIC12F6xx, PIC16F), PIC18F, PIC24, dsPIC30, dsPIC33, and PIC32 families of 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcontrollers, and many Microchip Serial EEPROM products. With Microchip’s powerful MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) the PICkit2 Lite enables in-circuit debugging on most PIC® microcontrollers. In-Circuit-Debugging runs, halts and single steps the program while the PIC microcontroller is embedded in the application. When halted at a breakpoint, the file registers can be examined and modified.

PICkit2 Lite - cheaper version of programmer PICkit2 (without function «Programmer-To-Go» - it can be added the user later). The programmer is fully compatible with wide range of prototype boards (for example PIC-P18, PIC-P28, PIC-P40)


  • USB 2.0 interface (standard USB-B type connector)
  • Additional 6 pin connector (as ICD2 connector) - very useful, if you have standard RJ11/12 cable for ICSP programming
  • Fully support of PIC10F, PIC12F5xx, PIC16F5xx, PIC12F6xx, PIC16F, PIC18F, PIC24, dsPIC30, dsPIC33, and PIC32 (8-bit, 16- bit and 32-bit) controllers; KEELOQ® HCS devices; EEPROM 11LCxx, 24LCxx, 25LCxx, 93 series; MCP250xx CAN devices – see "List of supported devices"
  • function of powering target device from PICkit2 Lite. Power supply voltage can varies in range 2.5V..5V with 0.1V step
  • function of calibration supply voltage
  • "UART Tool" function of USB/UART converter with baudrate up to 38400
  • function of "Logic analyzer"
  • Function «Programmer-To-Go» can be added by user ( 2 pcs. of 24LC512 or 24LC1024 must be soldered on board of PICkit2 Lite)
  • function "calibrate RC generator" in programmed PIC contoller
  • power supply LED (green)
  • TARGET LED (red) - indicatior of powering target device
  • BUSY LED (yellow) - indicator of PICkit2 BUSY
  • high quality PCB with green mask and white marks
  • compact small size 70x35mm (2.76"x1.38")
  • fully compatible with Microchip "PICkit2 programmer" software (function ofPICkit2 firmware update also supported).


Additional Functions

UART TOOL. This feature allows PICkit 2 to be used as a serial UART terminal interface for communicating with a PIC microcontroller. Potential uses include:

  • Displaying debug text output from the microcontroller
  • Logging microcontroller data to a text file
  • Developing and debugging a microcontroller UART interface
  • Interfacing with and sending commands to the microcontroller during development

The tool supports full duplex asynchronous serial communications from 150 to 38400 baud, including custom non-standard baud rates. The PICkit 2 connects via the ICSP connector directly to microcontroller TX and RX pins at logic levels. No transceiver is needed.

LOGIC TOOL. The PICkit2 Logic Tool allows the PICkit 2 ICSP connector pins to be used for stimulating and probing digital signals in a target circuit, and as a simple 3 channel logic analyzer. The Logic Tool has two operating modes. The Logic I/O mode is useful for triggering inputs to a PIC microcontroller or other digital circuitry, and can monitor digital signals to display their state. In essence, it provides an alternative for wiring buttons and LEDs to pins or signals while debugging or developing I/O functions.
The Analyzer mode can display waveforms of up to 3 digital signals, and trigger on specific events such as a rising edge on one signal when another signal is at a logic high level. This may be very useful for debugging serial communication buses such as UART, SPI, and I2C. It is also very applicable to monitoring the behavior of general microcontroller I/O.

«Programmer-To-Go» function can be added the user later (with installing two EEPROMs 24LC512 or 24LC1024 on U3, U4 PCB placements). This functionality allows a PIC MCU memory image to be downloaded into the PICkit 2 unit for later programming into a specific PIC MCU. No software or PC is required to program devices once the PICkit 2 unit is set up for Programming-To-Go. A USB power source for the PICkit 2 is all that is needed.

List of supported Devices

Latest list of supported devices available on this Microchip Web page

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